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Dec. 9th, 2008

Stolen from Dia!

Post the first line of the first post each month of 2008!

January: I've been thinking about the whole process of breaking up.

February: I feel like my brain is about to explode.

March: Today has been an intense day.

April: I didn’t make any posts in April

May: If my life had gone as planned I would be graduating from college in 10 days.

June: Work has been extremely stressful lately.

July: I've had more time on my hands that I can remember in a very long time.

August: I attempted to organize my file boxes today.

September: It's been a wild couple days.

October: So, the past couple days have been great fun.

November: I continually find myself laying in bed at night thinking about life (as most people probably do).

December: I'm sad that I didn't do something important today to spread awareness about AIDS.


Dec. 1st, 2008

World AIDS Day...

...is today. I'm sad that I didn't do something important today to spread awareness about AIDS. I will definitely plan for this next year. I know some people dismiss AIDS as something that only affects the "gay community", and therefore decide they don't need to worry about it. AIDS doesn't discriminate. Anyone can become infected with HIV and develop AIDS. It doesn't matter who you are. If you don't have AIDS, you might just know someone who does...even if you aren't aware of it. Think about it.

Nov. 30th, 2008

Note to self...

When you're feeling really depressed and haven't smiled in a while, search for TV bloopers on youtube...specifically, Will & Grace bloopers. Good for a laugh.

Nov. 23rd, 2008


I have a new userpic for the first time in many years. Here's the story behind that. I've thought about getting another piercing for a while, and I finally did it today. I know that right now may not have been the best time to ask my body to heal a wound, but I'll live. So now I have a second hole (technically third if counting my lobe) on my right ear. I was holding my hair back and attempting to take a picture of it with my cell phone and ended up with this on the first try. It probably makes me look prettier than I actually am. I still haven't succeeded in getting a good pic of my ear that isn't blurry.

I went to a body piercing place for it. He was explaining to me that my first one, since it was done with a gun instead of a needle, is "wrong" because the angle isn't correct. The hoop sort of hangs off the back of my ear instead of vertical to my ear. I didn't understand at first. He showed me and then asked if I wanted it done the "wrong" way again or the "right" way. At first I wanted him to do it so it was identical to the first one so the rings are parallel, but then I decided he should do it his way. I haven't decided whether I'll put a stud in it after it heals or if I'll leave it as it is with the ring. I obviously have time to think about it.

I need to make sure to be good about cleaning it every day. I'm not worried about remembering, I can be spastic about cleanliness. My first cartilage piercing was when I was 16 and had really short hair. I have to remember not to get any hair products on it.

Nov. 20th, 2008

Random thoughts for today

1. I'm not sure how I should feel about the fact that I just bought a pen that has been approved by the Arthritis Foundation. And yes, that is why I bought that particular pen.

2. I am the proud owner of a new wireless optical mouse for my laptop. It's lovely.

3. It's super cold outside and I look sort of cute in my pea coat. I never say things like this.

4. I have a lot of thinking to do. I have big decisions to make. I need to make peace with the idea that I might have to make decisions that I'm not happy about, but may be the right choice in the long run.

5. I enjoy marshmallows. And hot chocolate. Together...and separate.

Nov. 15th, 2008

Rice Krispies have a mind of their own

I was having a pretty bad day. I woke up at 12:20PM after having slept for 12 hours. I sat around doing nothing because I felt shitty. All of a sudden it was 5pm, the sun had set and I was still sitting around in my PJs hurting and being in a bad mood. I anticipated a super boring evening of nothingness because I'd be all alone in the house.

I never realized what taking a shower can do for my soul. Being clean makes me feel better even if everything in the world is going wrong. Then I decided that I may as well attempt to be productive so I changed my sheets and put on one of the new sets I bought and washed the other ones. I wanted to get my mind off everything going on so I decided to do something for someone else. Mom signed up to bring a dessert to church tomorrow for the luncheon but she didn't have any disposable foil pans to make the scotcheroos so she decided she would just pick something up at the grocery store. I thought I'd make a bundt cake using the spice cake mix in the cabinet so I searched around for something to put it on afterward. I found 3 foil pans in the dining room cabinet. Weird. So instead I just made the scotcheroos for Mom to take tomorrow. I had an issue with Rice Krispies flying all over the place so I vacuumed the kitchen. Then I watched a movie about ballroom dancing. I also painted my nails with clear nail polish and it looks pretty good.

I'm glad I was able to let go of everything for an evening. I changed my day around and I think I can honestly say I enjoyed myself. It wasn't anything spectacular, but I spent my evening doing something nice for someone else, and doing something nice for myself. I don't doubt that real life will catch up with me tomorrow and the stress and worrying will continue, but for now I'm going to go to sleep in my freshly changed bed made with new sheets.
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May. 26th, 2008

Attack of the Killer Dog

I haven't posted in ages, but I think tonight's activities warrants a post. My sister was attacked by a dog. Huh? Since when does that happen? Here's how it went down:

As I turned down my street I notice an unusual white car in our driveway, then I see that it's a cop car. Momentarily I freak out wondering which of the three following things happened 1 - someone got in a car accident and died, 2 - my sister did something stupid, or 3 - robbery. I park on the road and walk quickly up to the house and go inside to see my sister with her leg all propped up on the ottoman which is covered in a towel and a police officer talking to her, Ryan (the new BF), and my parents. Apparently, she and Ryan were in the park on the trails and as they were walking this dog appeared out of the woods (very close to the trail) and attacked Julie within a split second, for no reason, bringing her down to the ground and everything. Ryan was able to get the dog off of her pretty quickly and it ran back off into the woods. She had three wounds from the bite and ended up getting 3 stitches each in two of them and 2 stitches in the other one. She also gets to go through a series of rabies shots. She got 4 tonight and has to go back to the ER every for days for 5 more shots. How much does that suck? I'm glad Ryan was there to help her and that the dog only got her leg. I can't even imagine if he got her face or neck, ooh man. Life's always more exciting when Julie's around...

Mar. 22nd, 2008

A Whole Bunch of Stuff

A lot has happened since I made my last entry. Most importantly, I was accepted to the music school at Temple and they are transferring all of my academic credits from Drew. What I mean by "academic" is that they took everything except my chorale/orchestra/madrigals credits and my freshman seminar (but my parents think I should try to convince them to take it since it was an actual class, not just "welcome to college 101"). I'm going back to school!!

My Mom told people at her church my good news. I sing at my Mom's church occasionally, so they know me there. Well, one lady comes up to me and asked me if I was a year younger than Julie. Julie is my sister - I'm almost four years older than her. I had to explain to this woman that I went to college previously, but took time off and have been working full time. She seemed concerned about it.

There have been interesting developments in the relationship arena. The more time goes by and different things come to light the more I realize that I did the right thing. I only hope for good things for her - but I still don't understand; I probably never will, and I'm starting to be okay with that.

I've started being social once in a while. I recently made friends with someone who lives relatively close by and we hang out occasionally. She's hilarious and fun to be around. We have a lot in common so it works out pretty well. =)

I realize that I never made a follow-up post to my entry in which I pondered joining a GLBT Chorus. I did. I have rehearsals in Wilmington, DE every Monday night. Our concerts are coming up: Friday, March 28th and Saturday, March 29th at Opera Delaware Studios - it should be funny. There is an organization called GALA which I THINK stands for Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (its sad that I'm too lazy to look it up right now) and they hold a chorus festival/conference every four years. Well, it is being held this year and I'm going. I'm really excited about it - so I will be in Miami, FL for a week in July...I will most likely be staying with some people in Ft Lauderdale and driving back and forth. Fun! One day during our break in the middle of rehearsal, a couple that sing together in the chorus told me that they had a discussion about whether I'm gay. The one person goes "I told her that I didn't think you'd drive all the way down from Bucks County if you weren't! *laughter*" THEN she says that they said they want to find me a girlfriend. Whaaaat?! I thought that was the funniest thing ever. During the same interaction I pulled up my sleeves because it was warm in there, and the other person was all shocked that I have a tattoo. She said "Wow, I didn't realize you were so radical!" Someone else not related to the chorus told me that she never would have thought I was gay had I not told her. Ooooh how things change... Weird.

Work has been intense. One of my coworkers gave her notice last week and she was on vacation all this week. Another one of my coworkers has been sick. So it was only me and my assistant manager running the branch this week. It felt like the longest week ever - yesterday I felt like I was there for 15 hours or something, but it was only 9. We couldn't take lunches because there has to be 2 people there at all times. I also was pulled into working this morning because no one else from other branches was willing to cover for sick coworker #2. At least they are paying me overtime instead of making me take comp time. Really though, when would I have an opportunity to do that anyway? When coworker #1 is gone at the end of next week, that means it is only me and my asst. manager Monday-Wednesdays because coworker #2 is part-time and only works Thursday-Saturdays anyway. I'm scared.

I bought new shoes today - I'm excited about them, especially because they were partially paid for by a birthday gift certificate from the store and I earned "double points" on my rewards membership. That means I'm closer to another gift certificate.

This post is all over the place so I think this is enough. Tomorrow is Easter and then its my birthday! Sweet deal.

Mar. 1st, 2008

Temple Audition

Today has been an intense day. I like the word intense, its so versatile.

My day in list format:
1. Theory Test: Insane. I am 100% I got the first dictation correct, second one 75% sure, last one was a complete guess. The rest of the theory test was a joke as well - I've never taken a music theory class so it doesn't surprise me...but it sort of made me feel bad about myself. Ha. I know some of it, but I left the last 1 and 1/2 exercises blank, I was clueless. It was just for placement, though, so hopefully it doesn't play a role in my admission decision.
2. Finding a practice room: I finished the theory test at 10:20am and had to run around up and down 2 flights of stairs multiple times to find a practice room to warm up for my audition which was scheduled for 10:40. We (my sister auditioned today also) found an empty classroom to use. I sang through my pieces once and then ran back downstairs to my audition room.
3. Audition time: They couldn't find the accompanist for our room, so I had about 20 minutes to catch my breath and chill before I actually went in.
4. Actual audition: I went in and they asked me what I'd be singing and which I'd like to sing first. I told them I would like to do my Messiah piece first. Accompanist starts playing, I sing the first section, things are great. Then we get to the prestissimo section and the pianist is playing it literally at least 3 times slower than I wanted to take it. It was obvious he'd never even heard the piece before. So one of the judges stops us and tells me to take it at my own tempo and tells the accompanist to try and play the bass line if he can. Well, the accompanist decides to continue trying to play all of it and its dragging HORRIBLY and I have no idea where he is half the time...but I just keep singing at the correct tempo. Then he plays some really wrong notes and its completely dissonant with my line...ouch! They were laughing at me - it was really strange. THEN they tell me "I don't think we need to hear you sing your other piece." Hmmm...so that either means they were impressed my by ability to practically ignore the piano disaster and still sing well...or it was soooo bad they couldn't bear to listen to anything else. HA! So, by this point I'm totally freaking out in my mind because it was just the most insane experience - and then they tell me I get to sightread. Now, sightreading is one of my strong points usually...NOT TODAY. I was all wacked out and messed up a couple times and finally just stopped and was like, I'm sorry, and sort of laughed. So one of the judges asks me where DO is and I sing it...he says good and I was done. I think they could tell I was concerned about the piano situation. Regardless, I'm pretty clueless as to what they thought of me overall.

Anyway - I'm supposed to hear within 3 weeks, so now I just wait...

Feb. 27th, 2008

Question Game

I've never participated in these things before, but why they hell not?
So, these are five questions that Mandy asked me and my answers.

I don't have any idea. What a sucky answer, right? I will be up multiple times in April for different senior recitals, thesis defenses, etc. I'm hoping to come up before then, too.

02 what was your favorite movie as a child?
The only movie I can really remember watching over and over again was Free Willy. Hah!

03 whats the best youtube video you've ever seen?
When I type my name into youtube, there's this lady singing a random song about farm animals while simultaneously using farm animal puppets. I also like this one video of some creepy person singing a classical piece in Italian. She looks a little possessed.

04 what's your favorite band?
I don't know about a band - but I really like Dar Williams.

05 what's the coolest thing you own?
Umm...I have an autographed copy of Les Feinberg's book Trans Liberation, which is really cool because I went to a lecture and had my book signed in person. =)

So now I guess the drill is that if you leave me a comment, I'm supposed to ask you 5 questions...sound fun?

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