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random good pic by accident

December 2008

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random good pic by accident

Rice Krispies have a mind of their own

I was having a pretty bad day. I woke up at 12:20PM after having slept for 12 hours. I sat around doing nothing because I felt shitty. All of a sudden it was 5pm, the sun had set and I was still sitting around in my PJs hurting and being in a bad mood. I anticipated a super boring evening of nothingness because I'd be all alone in the house.

I never realized what taking a shower can do for my soul. Being clean makes me feel better even if everything in the world is going wrong. Then I decided that I may as well attempt to be productive so I changed my sheets and put on one of the new sets I bought and washed the other ones. I wanted to get my mind off everything going on so I decided to do something for someone else. Mom signed up to bring a dessert to church tomorrow for the luncheon but she didn't have any disposable foil pans to make the scotcheroos so she decided she would just pick something up at the grocery store. I thought I'd make a bundt cake using the spice cake mix in the cabinet so I searched around for something to put it on afterward. I found 3 foil pans in the dining room cabinet. Weird. So instead I just made the scotcheroos for Mom to take tomorrow. I had an issue with Rice Krispies flying all over the place so I vacuumed the kitchen. Then I watched a movie about ballroom dancing. I also painted my nails with clear nail polish and it looks pretty good.

I'm glad I was able to let go of everything for an evening. I changed my day around and I think I can honestly say I enjoyed myself. It wasn't anything spectacular, but I spent my evening doing something nice for someone else, and doing something nice for myself. I don't doubt that real life will catch up with me tomorrow and the stress and worrying will continue, but for now I'm going to go to sleep in my freshly changed bed made with new sheets.
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