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random good pic by accident

December 2008

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random good pic by accident


I have a new userpic for the first time in many years. Here's the story behind that. I've thought about getting another piercing for a while, and I finally did it today. I know that right now may not have been the best time to ask my body to heal a wound, but I'll live. So now I have a second hole (technically third if counting my lobe) on my right ear. I was holding my hair back and attempting to take a picture of it with my cell phone and ended up with this on the first try. It probably makes me look prettier than I actually am. I still haven't succeeded in getting a good pic of my ear that isn't blurry.

I went to a body piercing place for it. He was explaining to me that my first one, since it was done with a gun instead of a needle, is "wrong" because the angle isn't correct. The hoop sort of hangs off the back of my ear instead of vertical to my ear. I didn't understand at first. He showed me and then asked if I wanted it done the "wrong" way again or the "right" way. At first I wanted him to do it so it was identical to the first one so the rings are parallel, but then I decided he should do it his way. I haven't decided whether I'll put a stud in it after it heals or if I'll leave it as it is with the ring. I obviously have time to think about it.

I need to make sure to be good about cleaning it every day. I'm not worried about remembering, I can be spastic about cleanliness. My first cartilage piercing was when I was 16 and had really short hair. I have to remember not to get any hair products on it.