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random good pic by accident

December 2008

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random good pic by accident

Attack of the Killer Dog

I haven't posted in ages, but I think tonight's activities warrants a post. My sister was attacked by a dog. Huh? Since when does that happen? Here's how it went down:

As I turned down my street I notice an unusual white car in our driveway, then I see that it's a cop car. Momentarily I freak out wondering which of the three following things happened 1 - someone got in a car accident and died, 2 - my sister did something stupid, or 3 - robbery. I park on the road and walk quickly up to the house and go inside to see my sister with her leg all propped up on the ottoman which is covered in a towel and a police officer talking to her, Ryan (the new BF), and my parents. Apparently, she and Ryan were in the park on the trails and as they were walking this dog appeared out of the woods (very close to the trail) and attacked Julie within a split second, for no reason, bringing her down to the ground and everything. Ryan was able to get the dog off of her pretty quickly and it ran back off into the woods. She had three wounds from the bite and ended up getting 3 stitches each in two of them and 2 stitches in the other one. She also gets to go through a series of rabies shots. She got 4 tonight and has to go back to the ER every for days for 5 more shots. How much does that suck? I'm glad Ryan was there to help her and that the dog only got her leg. I can't even imagine if he got her face or neck, ooh man. Life's always more exciting when Julie's around...